How do I use Auto-QuickFile?

In order to use the Auto-QuickFile feature, you must have default shortcuts. To do this, follow the normal procedure to create a QuickFile shortcut.

To make a shortcut default:

1. Select an email, whose shortcut you want to make as default.
2. Click Quick-File button in Outlook to open up QuickFile screen.
3. Right-Click on the folder that you would like to make your defualt shortcut and select "Set Defualt"
4. Click Cancel.

Note: You cannot set general shortcut as default. (i.e. you can only set default shortcut for e-mails from particular e-mail addresses)
5. Click Auto-QuickFile and follow on-screen instructions to automatically file emails from that particular email address to a folder.

Note: Unread e-mails will not be automatically filed.