I do not see the Addins4Outlook--> SendGuard menu in Outlook?

SendGuard may be disabled by Outlook. To re-enable SendGuard:

1.Start Outlook and go to your Inbox
2.Select Help -> Click About Microsoft Office Outlook
3.Click Disabled Items button
4.Select SendGuard
5.Click Enable

If the above does not solve your problem, Check to see that SendGuard is installed properly:

1.Start Outlook and go to your Inbox
2.Click Tools -> Click Options
3.Click Other tab
4.Click on the Advanced Options button
5.Click on Com-Addins button
6.Verify that SendGuard is on the list, and it should be ticked.
7.If SendGuard is not ticked, then do so.

If your problem is unsolved try reinstalling SendGuard