I get an error 'No Fax Installed'. My Fax works fine with another fax program

Fax4Word uses the fax program that comes with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

It does not need or use other any other special hardware or software. All the functionality that you need is built in to Windows and Word.

If your computer has the fax driver installed then you should see a printer called Fax in your list of printers.

Go to Control Panel-Printers to check.
If you do not have the fax printer installed

In Windows XP you can install the fax printer by:
Go to 'Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs'.
Click 'Add/Remove Windows Components'.
In the Windows Components Wizard, select the 'Fax Services' check box.
Click 'Next' and then follow the on screen instructions.

In Windows 2000, you can install the fax printer by:
Click 'Start'.
Point to 'Settings'.
Click 'Control Panel'.
Double-click 'Fax'.
Select the 'Advanced Options tab'.
Click 'Add a Fax Printer'.

After you have installed the Fax driver in Windows, you need to tell Fax4Word to use the correct Fax printer.
Start Microsoft Word.
Click 'Tools' > 'Fax4Word' > 'Setup Fax Printer'.
Select 'Fax' from the list.