SendGuard and Outlook 2013 Inline Replies

When you click Reply or Reply All on an email with multiple recipients, Send Guard normally displays a dialog that lets you reselect recipients in case you made a mistake.

This feature is currently not supported when you use Inline replies in Outlook 2013. (Inline replies allow you to type the reply directly in the Reading Pane of Outlook).

Instead SendGuard will display a warning prompt to check if you wanted to do a Reply-to-All instead of a Reply (and vice versa).

We are working on an update to this but in the meantime you may want to do the following.

If you wish to see the more advanced prompt with the list of recipients, you can do one of the following:

1.  Instead of replying to the email from your Folder or Reading Pane, open the email (double-click it in the folder view) and then click Reply on the open email…. OR..
2. Turn Off Inline Replies in Outlook 2013. This will automatically open the Reply in a new Window whenever you click Reply.

To turn off Inline replies in Outlook 2013:

Click File.
Click Options.
Click the Mail tab.
Scroll down to the Replies and Forwards section.
Tick the check box Open replies and forwards in a new window.

Click OK