eeminders shows up in the "Inactive applications" list but does not show up in the "Disabled items" list (Wrong version of Software installed in Outlook)

Why does eeminders show up in my "Inactive applications" List and not in the disabled Items? 

The most likely cause of the problem is the wrong version of eeminders being installed. We have found that this error occurs if you install the 64 Bit version of eeminders with the 32 bit version of Outlook (or vice versa).
Follow the exact steps below to load the right version of the software:
Check for the version of outlook installed:
Outlook 2010:
*Open Outlook
*Click on the "File" Tab
*Click on "Help" > Check the information shown on the "About Microsoft Outlook" Section
Outlook 2019/2016/2013:
*Open Outlook
*Click on the "File" Tab
*Click on "Office Account" > Click on the "About Outlook" Button to check for your version.
Follow the instructions below once you have determined the right version of Outlook Installed on your computer: 
1. Uninstall eeminders from your PC. 
2. Download the latest version.
3. Install the downloaded version on your computer 
1. Uninstall the current version of eeminders from your PC.
Ensure Microsoft Outlook is closed. 
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs
Select eeminders and click Remove.

2. Download the suitable version.
Once restarted, download and Install eeminders

Please click on the appropriate link below to download the software:
32 Bit:
64 Bit:
3. Install the downloaded version on your computer.
Ensure Microsoft Outlook is closed. 
Now install the downloaded version.

Please check now if this made any difference.