Using (and customizing) eeminders views for your Outlook Inbox.

Using (and customizing) eeminders views for your Outlook Inbox.

eeminders for Outlook makes it much easier to have an uncluttered Inbox that helps you get the right work done. eeminders comes with a number of views to make it easier to see what you need to work on in your Inbox. You may however choose to customize them to better suit your needs.

You can choose the views by clicking on View (on the eeminders ribbon/toolbar) and then selecting the relevant view.


Inbox (Normal)
This is the normal view that most users use with Outlook. We also add the eeminder date column to this view for you to make it easier to see your eeminder date.

If this view does not show all the information that you want, we recommend that you customize this view. You can remove the eeminders column… add new columns and sort and group anyway you want.

You will then see your customized view anytime you click on Inbox (Normal) on the eeminders View menu.

This box shows you your Inbox sorted and grouped by the eeminder date. By default this will show you the things that you have schedule to work on AT THE TOP OF THE LIST.

This view is resorted and grouped by the eeminder column whenever you select Inbox(eeminders) in the menu… even if you remove the eeminder column from the view.

If you want to remove your own changes and reset the Inbox(eeminders) view, click View- Reset on the eeminders tab on the Ribbon. You can then select which views you want to reset before clicking OK.