Warning Message while downloading EmailMerge for Outlook.

You may get a warning message when downloading and installing. The files have been checked and are safe to use. The reason for this message is because Microsoft has started using a new security authentication at the start of 2016 which has been installed on most users’ computers (because of automatic updates).
The goal of Microsoft’s Application Reputation experience is to warn users, when appropriate, that a downloaded application has not yet established a reputation.
Because this version is a new application, you may get the following message(s).
If you are using Internet Explorer, after you finish downloading the software you may see:
If you are using Google Chrome, after you finish downloading the software you may see:
Click on the little arrow beside the “Discard” button and then click “Keep”.
Now you can click on the file to install the software.
When you try and install using the downloaded file, you may see:
Click on “More Info” as shown in the diagram. This will display the “Run Anyway” menu button.
Click on “Run Anyway” button to start the installation.