I have multiple accounts in my Outlook. How to make Send&File work with multiple accounts?

You need to set up to let QuickFile monitor additional Send&File Folders.

  1. From Outlook, Go to Standss Outlook Addins tab.
  2. Click More from QuickFile group
  3. Click on Settings.. 
  4. Go to Data Files tab in the settings screen.
  5. Go to Store to monitor section
  6. Ensure Default is selected
  7. Click on Monitor Additional Send&File Folders link 
  8. Click on Add button
  9. Select Sent Items folder of other email accounts that you with to be monitored
  10. Click OK button on Select Folder screen
  11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 if you wish to add more Sent Item folders
  12. Click Close button on Send&File Additional Folders
  13. Click OK button on Settings Screen to save the settings

Note: If you choose Specific Store/PST, additional folders will not be monitored.

Please note that the User Interface may be slightly different in different QuickFile build. However, the feature will be the same.