Can I add Category (tags) and QuickFile at the same time?

Yes, you can add category (tags) and QuickFile at the same time.

 Please find the steps below:

  1. Turn the "Display Category list on QuickFile screen" on from the settings screen
    • Start Outlook and Go to your Inbox 
    • Go to Standss Outlook Addins tab
    • Click More from QuickFile Group
    • Click on Settings to open QuickFile Settings Screen
    • Tick "Display Category list on QuickFile screen" in Standard tab
    • Click OK button to save the settings.
  2. Select the item you want to QuickFile
  3. Click on QuickFile button in QuickFile Group in the Home Ribbon
  4. Choose the folder you want to file the item to
  5. Select category from the Category list that appears on the QuickFile Screen
  6. Click on QuickFile
Please note that the User Interface may be slightly different versions of QuickFile. However, the feature will be the same.