I get Error 91: Object reference not set to an instance of an object everytime I click on QuickFile

Every time I click on the quickfile link, I get this dialog, then the quickfile dialog comes up:

  1. From Microsoft Outlook, go to your Inbox 
  2. Go to Standss Outlook Addins tab
  3. Click More from eeminders Group
  4. Click on Settings to open eeminders Settings Screen
  5. Go to Advanced tab
  6. Click on Show eeminders folder
  7. Notice that eeminders folder is shown under Standss Settings folder
  8. Click OK button
  9. Rename "eeminders Default Settings" as ZZeeminders Default Settings
  10. Restart Outlook
Note: Old Settings of eeminders was archived and was causing the issue. When emails inside Standss Settings -> eeminders folder was renamed it created a new eeminders folder with default settings and the issue was solved.