Error during QuickFile

Why am I seeing this screen?

The screen informs user that filing has not been done due to one of the following reasons:
  1. Emails cannot be filled into the Deleted Items folder (or its sub folders) -  You should do Clean Suggestions.
  2. Do not have permission to Folder - Here are instruction on how to Give permission.
  3. Selected folder is not a mail item folder - Currently QuickFile can only file emails, reports and post items.
  4. Folder not connected to Outlook - Ensure your Outlook is connected to the folder that you are trying to file into.
  5. Cannot file to a top level folder  - Please choose another folder to file.
  6. Could not locate Folder -  You should do Clean Suggestions.
  7. Could not file item as it maybe encrypted - Please ensure that you are not filing an encrypted email.