What are the differences between the PRO and Standard Versions?

The new PRO version of EmailMerge still has the same easy to use wizard interface but now has several new exciting features that our POWER USERS had asked for.

Features EmailMerge 4Outlook
(Std Edition)
EmailMerge 4Outlook
(Pro Edition)
 Why do i need this?
Operates unobtrusively inside Microsoft Outlook®
When you're ready to create your email message, just use the eMailMerge 4 Outlook toolbar on the Outlook email window.
 Send Wizard      Steps you through the creation and send process. You'll never have to stop and wonder what you should do next, eMailMerge 4 Outlook takes care of it all.
 One-Click Quick Merge      Makes simple mailings even faster.
 Insert personalized fields within the email  12  55  For example, instead of greeting your reader with "Dear Friend," you can include your reader's first name (for example, "Dear Chloe"). This catches their eye and encourages them to keep reading.
 Use any contact from your Outlook Contacts folder, sub-folders, or distribution lists      Create and save different lists of people (for example, Sales Team) and send personalized emails at the click of a button.
 Uses Outlook categories to organize your contacts      Grouping your contacts into categories (for example, Clients, Prospects, Neighbors) enables you to quickly locate the addressees you need.
 Send email with attachments      Ideal for sending calendars, Excel files, Word documents - even amusing videos!
 Supports HTML and RTF formats      Send highly polished, eye-catching emails. Ideal for those whose livelihood depends on attractively presenting information (graphic designers, website designers).
 Supports CC or BCC fields      CC or BCC a copy of all merged emails to any email address for tracking purposes.
 Supports Microsoft Word® as an email editor      You don't need to use Word as your email editor to use eMailMerge , but if you do, Word's advanced formatting features can improve the look and feel of your emails.
 Works with Outlook 2007
(as well as Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003)
    Take advantage of the new Outlook 2007 features without having to give up eMailMerge 4 Outlook.
 Automatic replacement of any empty m-fields with text      Your emails will always look professional. For personalized emails, define rules for how eMailMerge PRO 4 Outlook handles missing contact fields. For example, if a specific contact doesn't include a last name, set up eMailMerge PRO 4 Outlook to replace [LastName] with "Colleague."
 Delayed batch sending      Works around restrictions some ISPs have for the amount of email sent at one time.
 Send on behalf of other users (Microsoft Exchange® Only)      Enables others to send email on your behalf (for example, an assistant sending email for a manager).
 Choose email account to send from (that is, send personalized emails from any email account, not just the default account)      Many of us now have different email accounts (for example, one for personal use and one for business). For each email merge, you can specify the email account eMailMerge PRO 4 Outlook uses when sending. This ensures that your addressees recognize who the email is from and keeps the email out of the spam folder.
 Choose Contacts from external sources:

  * Microsoft Excel® file
  * Microsoft Access® file
  * Global address list
  * CSV file 
    This feature is great if you're working with a temporary contacts list that you don't want to import into Outlook.
 Advanced Contacts Filter      
Quickly isolate a list of contacts with specific criteria (for example, sending only to contacts in Arizona). It's a quick and specific way to narrow your addressee list.