How can I send different attachments to different recipients when email merging?

(This article applies to Email Merge Pro Version 3 or later only.)

You can send personalized attachments to the contacts on your mailing list. To do this:

* Start the EmailMerge Wizard and follow the steps given
* On the third step of the Wizard “Choose Contact Folder(s) you want to use”, click on the link “Select fields for Attachments/CC/BCC”
* Click on Attachments tab and select the field that contains the path to the attachment files.
* Click OK and continue with the EmailMerge Wizard.

EmailMerge will add different attachments to each of your contacts email respectively. You can verify this on the Preview step of the wizard.


I don't think this answers the question. Is it possible to post a step by step tutorial? This is the one thing I want to fully understand how to complete before I make a purchase.
DefinedDesign (9/29/2015 at 11:56 AM)