How do I create a new Template and add it to Template Manager?

(This article applies to Email Merge Version 3 or later only.)

You can create, and manage templates from the Template Manager. To create a new template:

* In Outlook go to your Inbox, click on the little arrow beside the EmailMerge button on the Toolbar/Ribbon.
* Select Template Manager.
* Click Add button on the Template Manager screen. A new blank email will be opened.
* Compose your email using any Outlook function for the email message, just like when you create a regular Outlook email.
* Insert m-Fields to the email by placing the cursor in the appropriate place, click on the Insert m-Field drop-down of the EmailMerge toolbar/ribbon (If you want to personalize the email)
* Enter a relevant Subject for the Email (Your Subject will help you identify this template amongst others on the Template Manager screen)
* Click Save Template on the EmailMerge toolbar/ribbon.

This template will be added to the list of templates in the Template Manager screen.

Note: On completing an email merge, you can also choose to save the email you used as a template. When you click on the Finish button, EmailMerge will prompt a message:

* Select the first option “Save as new template” and click OK to save the email that was used.