How do I automatically file merged emails to a different folder (instead of the Sent Items folder)?

This article applies to Email Merge Version 3 or later only.

You can change the folder the merged emails will be filed to following the steps below:

* Start the EmailMerge Wizard and follow the steps given
* On the last step of the wizard, click on “Sent Items” link
* The application will open a screen with 3 options to filing the sent emails:

1. Save in default Sent Items folder- the merged emails that are sent will be left in the Sent Items folder
2. Save the Sent Items in this Folder
3. Do not file – Delete emails after sending – select this option if you want merged emails to be deleted once they have been sent.

* Select the 2nd option and click on the link displayed in the 2nd option i.e. “Sent Items”.
* Choose the folder you want to file the merged emails to after sending.
* Click OK
* Click Finish to complete the email merge.

The merged emails will now be filed to the folder you indicated above.