Does 'QuickFile' replace Microsoft Outlook rule wizard ?

We're no longer updating this content. Check QuickFile Version 6 for information about this product.  

QuickFile can be used either as a replacement for Outlook rules or to complement them.

The two major problems with Rules are:

1. Rules move items out of your Inbox before you have seen them. Your Inbox is a To-Do list and should show your e-mails that you still need to read or reply to. Outlook Rules does not give you the chance of viewing emails before they are filed away and some important emails may be missed. With QuickFile the chance of missing an important email is eliminated.

2. Rules can easily file e-mails to the wrong folders if you are filing e-mails from a contact into more than one folder (e.g. you are working with the same person on two projects - each with its own folder). In these cases the folder that the e-mail gets filed in depends on the content of the e-mail. It is impossible to force other people to write specific text such as project numbers into e-mails. In the end YOU need to decide based on what the e-mail is about. QuickFile makes this extremely easy by showing you a list of all folders where you file e-mails from the contact. Select a folder and the e-mail is filed easily.