How can I install QuickFile on another user account on the same computer?

We're no longer updating this content. Check QuickFile Version 6 for information about this product.

Option 1
Install QuickFile from administrator account. The user can login from the user account and use QuickFile after following the instructions below:

Go to the folder where QuickFile is installed. The default path is:
C:\Program Files\Standss\QuickFile 4Outlook

Inside this folder there is a registry file named QuickFileVB.reg. Please double click on it and run this file.

Restart outlook and check to see if the toolbar shows up.

 Option 2
Give the user in the second profile Administrator privileges. Reboot the system to let the change in administrator status take effect. This will give that login rights to carry out installation. This can be done from the Control Panel (User Accounts). Then do the installation in this second profile.
Once the QuickFile has been installed under that profile, check to see if the toolbar shows up. If it does, you can then change user back to current security level.